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Seedling Trees for Conservation

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We still have the following potted species available; Engleman Spruce, Rocky Mountain Juniper, Scotch Pine, Lilac, Austrian Pine and Southwest White Pine.


Three potted pine saplings against a corrugated wall, sunlight casting shadows, with identification tags.


Online Seedling Trees Sales are CLOSED. 

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The online store is open for survival product sales - fertilizer, polymer, weed barrier and more!

Conservation Seedling Tree Program

La Plata Conservation District's seedling tree program allows farmers, ranchers and landowners to obtain trees at a nominal cost. The goal is to encourage landowners to plant new forests; to establish effective windbreaks that reduce erosion; to protect homes, cropland, livestock and highways; and to enhance wildlife habitat. Trees and shrubs are grown for conservation benefits only. Ornamental qualities such as color, degree of flowering, fruit production, etc. are not guaranteed.

La Plata Conservation District has previously worked with Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) Seedling Tree Nursery to provide this program. CSFS Nursery is currently restructuring and not offering seedlings at this time. La Plata Conservation District has sourced other nursery stock for the current year and hopes to continue working with CSFS in the future. 

Seedling sales are restricted. To qualify, you must:

  1. You must own a minimum of one (1) acre of land
  2. This nursery stock is NOT for use in ornamental or landscape plantings
  3. Seedlings purchased from LPCD may NOT be resold as a living plant
  4. Bare root trees are available in multiples of  10  per species only
  5. One Year Old Grow Plugs and Two Year Old Trees are sold by the each
  6. Payment is due at pickup
  7. If trees ordered are not available, a refund may be issued, unless a substitution is requested/available